Data Science

By making use of cutting-edge machine learning, statistics and data visualization tools, I can provide in depth insights into your business, or create models to predict future trends.

Remote Sensing


Remote sensing and geospatial data can provide a holistic picture of the world around you with applications from precision agriculture to environmental monitoring. I have experience with processing and extracting meaningful analytics from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and multispectral/optical imagery.

Computer Vision

Machine Learning


I have experience designing, building and deploying deep learning and classical machine learning models across a range of applications and industries. Using these techniques I can extract deep insights from your existing data, or develop new models to exploit the data generated by your business to your benefit.

Signal Processing

If you have a real-time, mission critical, or resource constrained system which requires fast and accurate signal conditioning and processing the correct tools need to be applied to tackle these challenges. I have experience developing signal processing pipelines for implementation on embedded systems across a variety of applications.

Research & Development


Having a diverse set of experience and interests gives me a unique perspective from which I can tackle new challenges.

I have applied my skillset to everything from designing and building a half ton steel Strandbeest, to investigating evolutionary approach esto mode selection in mechanical vibration.

Let me know what problem you need solved and let me design a customized solution for you.