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Technical Challenges with Phonebloks

So recently there has been a lot of debate and excitement about Phonebloks ( which I too believe is an awesome idea. However, there is a reason why it is still merely an idea and why I think it will remain as such for some time to come. Here are some of the reasons I believe something as cool as Phonebloks won’t take off: Continue reading

Calculating the Number of Digits in an Integer

So today I was presented with a challenge that has multiple solutions but which is the fastest. So I set out to figure it out. The challenge was how can you compute the number of digits in an integer easily. There are 3 obvious solutions but which one is better. So I coded up a basic example of each and tested them out.

The four methods that I have tested are, using strings, log based methods, a loop and divide and a loop with multiplication instead. (See the code below) Continue reading

Rust: A Language For The Future

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