Hello there and welcome to my personal website, as you have probably gathered my name is Lloyd Hughes. I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer currently living in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. I completed my B.Sc in Electrical & Computer engineering at the University of Cape Town in 2012 and more recently my M.Sc in Applied Mathematics. I have a passion for embedded system design, firmware and signal processing

My undergraduate thesis looked at utilizing Bio-potentials (EMG, EOG and EEG) to all a user to intuitively navigate their way around a 3D, first person virtual environment without the need for a standard keyboard or mouse. The successful completion of this project allowed me to graduate at the top of my undergraduate class and obtain my B.Sc with a first-class honors.

My masters project focused on achieving accurate localisation on mobile device in real-time, with the larger goal of enabling real-time, metric 3D reconstruction on a mobile platform. I faced many challenges with this project including needing to address how to fuse data from multiple sensors, how to write efficient algorithms such that they could run on a mobile device with limited resources, as well as how to process and analyse the poor quality data which is reported by the low cost sensors found in mobile devices. By tackling these challenges head on and in a creative manner, I was able to complete my M.Sc and graduated Cum Laude.

I am currently working as a software engineer for Garmin South Africa, with my main focus being in the development of embedded firmware for use in outdoor and fitness products. Through this job I have been exposed to the many facets of firmware development and gained invaluable knowledge in how to write, debug and test embedded firmware. Furthermore, I have had exposure to debugging and testing embedded hardware as well as Agile and Scrum methodologies. The main aspects of my job have been to develop and implement signal processing algorithms, bootloaders, over-the-air updates, file systems and the usual things that come along with writing embedded code.

Apart from my work at Garmin I am often busy with many smaller projects. Many of these projects are not at all related to my research and involve skills which I have either taught myself or keep refreshed from undergraduate studies. Examples of these projects can be found in my project portfolio or on the blog. Many of them involve web development, entrepreneurship events, electronics, programming or any number of things.

I also run my own company specialising in developing productivity software for the call center industry. This started out as a project to pay the bills while I was studying and has ended up becoming something much bigger. Our software can be found in multiple call centers across the country, and has become the defining factor in productivity of call centers for many companies. Through this job I have honed my Ruby development skills, I have gained exposure to large, highly scalable systems and I have learnt how to better manage software development projects. I am a strong advocate of Scrum and Agile and have gained experience in how to better use software to facilitate the development process.

When I am not working or tinkering you can find me out on the famous Cape streams fishing for wild rainbow trout. I have been fly fishing almost my entire life and have developed an obsession with the sport. I am a field editor for South Africa’s biggest online fly fishing community (flyloops.net) and spend much of my online time posting and talking to like minded people there. When the fly fishing weather is not great I enjoy spending time submerged beneath the surface of the rather chilly Cape waters. I am a qualified PADI Rescue SCUBA diver and enjoy exploring the underwater world, both around Cape Town and abroad.

Throughout my life, the biggest driving force has been and continues to be my insatiable quest for new knowledge, ideas, and experiences. I strive to push the boundaries of knowledge, exploration, and innovation in everything I do regardless of wether it be work or a hobby. Everyday I strive to learn something new and further my understanding of our remarkable world.